Innovative Vegetal based “Agro BioTechnology”

EcoFingers developed a unique 100% Vegetal based Ecologic “Fertiliser & Bio-Activator”, to improve your crops and yields.

Ecofingers is a 100% ecological based, rich, effective and competetive “liquid” fertilizer of 100% vegetal origin with added organic and vegetal acids that are a direct replacement of the not harmless but much used growing hormon auxine.

A multi-purpose complex fertilizer, with a very complete and high level of “natural”; Natrium, Calcium, Fosfor, Borium, Magnesium and many other important minerals and amino-organic acids.

EcoFingers is cultivating under a strict ecologic regime its own main ingredients and is taking care of its seed cultivation.

EcoFingers presently is transforming its basic operation into a brand new self developed industrial fermentation plant in Colombia. Due to the fact that we will increase our production capacity we will expand our activities. First cooperation agreements have been agreed upon in the European Union and in South America. EcoFingers is looking forward to be in contact with farmers and distributors who are interested in distributing EcoFingers unique products and services.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about our products.